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The Tribe Forever


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Season 3 Episode Guide


Here is a summary of the episodes in Season 3.

EPISODE 105/106
Lex and Bray are motionless and thought dead to Lt. Luke and the Chosen. But a shocked Trudy demands the Bodies. Meanwhile Ebony runs to the rescue of Bray and Lex and taking them from the wreckage. The Chosen rules the mall, and the city and Ebony and Lex leading the injured Bray to a safe place proves difficult. The Chosen starve the mall rats until they agree to the age of Zoot and until Tai-san repents there will be no food. Ryan wants answers from his wife about the news of a baby. Ebony and Lex leave Bray to create a diversion but when they return, Bray is gone, but they do spy someone spying on them and they chase is on, but they end up netted. Pride, the spy explains all about his nature loving tribe. Luke brings Bray to his leader, and Bray finds out that all leader will be disposed of, so is Danni dead? Trudy tries to convince the guardian that Bray can be won over to the cause while Ellie tries to help Jack escape which ends with fear. Jack will be disposed off, but Ellie gives a scientific side to Jack and the Guardian reconsidering. Ellie is sent out of slave duty and see her last glimpse of Jack as he is taken away.

EPISODE 107/108
Bray is locked in a room tormented by Power and Chaos. Ellie gets guilty and feels Jack being taken is her fault. The Guardian is unpleased with Trudys lack of authority for his rules and Brady is taken from the supreme mother as a punishment leaving a very depressed Trudy. May and Salene think of crossing sides while Bray is brought before the mall rats to make them all change sides but Bray makes his own death warrant when he gives a speech to the mall rats. The guardian blames Trudy who will have to prove the supreme act of faith, the killing of Bray. Lex and Ebony part company before heading to the farm for a sneaky conversation from Ryan where they find of Brays execution plans. Ebony and Lex rush to save Bray and succeed thanks to a hesitant Trudy and Pride. When Bray and Dal are rushed off to meet the new boy in town a grave discovery is made. Pride holds Ambers ring around his neck.

EPISODE 109/110
Bray is shocked and Pride is thought of a grave thief, but Lex and Dal see an ally in Pride. Bray confides events with Ebony who discourages him from finding the truth. When Bray approaches Pride, they find Dal Missing. KC and Cloe are taken away when they react scenes from Oliver. They soon find food from Trudy who ends up surprised at the Guardians rage. A very emotional Trudy finds an ally when Lieutenant Luke approaches with the daughter of Zoot. Alice is in disbelief when Salene, Ryan and May decide to join the cause and decide to bow down to Zoot, put can they all go through with it? The rebels find Dal on Eagle Mountain by an empty grave, Ambers empty grave. They are all confused and shocked, but an angry Bray demands to meet Prides Leader. Pride reluctantly agrees. As they approach the Gaians Tribe base they find Amber lives, but Amber is not all too pleased to see her old friends. Pride tells the mall rats they must leave in the morning. Amber wishes to see Dal and explains how see can to stay alive. She will not forget the mall rats but shes found paradise now. Dal explains to Bray the events on Eagle mountain, but Bray is unconvinced and forces his way to Amber for all to end in tears.

EPISODE 111/112
Gaians decide the Mall rats are now unwelcome after Bray outburst. Bray demand to know what happened to Amber, the love they had, why she left the mall rats. Amber tormented By Flashbacks reveals all to Bray, how Ebony shown her that photograph. Bray denies Ebonys story and is shocked that Amber believed her. While all this happens Lex and Pride decide to fight... Each other. Alice rebellious actions lead to food being withdrawn once more. Lieutenant Luke persuades the Guardian to give Trudy freedom to break the mall rats. With her new found freedom Trudy talks to Salene and May and offers less duties if they take the novice ceremony. The Gaians deny Bray and the others the help they need for the battle against the chosen. Bray catches Ebony with the photograph and run to explain all to Amber, but Amber wishes the past to remain that way the past. Ebony and Lex both leave the Gaians camp together without Bray and Dal. Trudy reports to the Guardian and the guardian seems glad with the progress of 4 planning to convert to the ways of the Chosen. The novice ceremony begins and 4 willing mall rats take the first step but can they can they go all the way? Ebony and Lex meet two chosen missionaries and the missionaries cant believe their ears and actions taken when they are left tied without their robes. Bray and Dal leave the Gaians camp, without a plan until they meet up with the all new willing to help Gaians.

EPISODE 113/114
Alice is angry at May, Patsy and Salene for becoming novices, but Salene tries to convince she is faking it. Ebony and Lex plan to rescue the mall rats and with their new missionary robes and a package from Ebonys acquaintance they pans is on track. Bray and the Rebels make plans at their new rebel HQ, the element of surprise is the only thing going for the rebels in their plan. Dal explains the layout of the mall. Bray convinces Amber to stay as the rest leave on their mission. The Guardian gives Patsy a grilling during the novice worship ceremony. He wants everyone to relive the past. Ebony and Lex manage to enter the mall thanks to corn beef. Alice and Ellie decide they need an informer, Cloe takes the challenge and becomes a chosen informer. In the deep of the night Lex and Ebony surprise an unsuspecting Guardian while the others attack. Salene unable to sleep scream out and both escape plans are ruined as Chosen cover the mall. The rebels withdraw from the mall while Ebony takes a nasty blow and Lex sneaks into see Tai-san. The Guardian enjoys people hating him but blames the Supreme mother for the murder attempt. Salene is in shock about what just happened, Bray is alive! And in the morning Tai-san gives more good news about Amber and the rebels. The others are glad to receive this news. The Guardian wants to find the traitor and at first suspects May until she overhears Salene and Alice and decides to take the suspicion off her.

EPISODE 115/116
May plots with the Guardian to capture the rebels, and May is set out on the streets with anti-chosen leaflets only to be spotted by the rebels. Pride teaches Dal how to cook and Amber gets a brainwave but she needs the departed Ebonys help. Amber persuades Ebony to return so the plan can proceed. May wins over the rebels trust and explains the plan how to make the chosen crumble, capture the supreme mother and baby Brady. May returns to the mall successful for the rebels have fallen for the plan. The next day the plan is put into action and as Bray clutches Ebony the chosen attack. The Rebels split up and run for cover. Dal on the run from chosen falls. Amber finds him, and he reminds her of acorns before his dies with arm clutching him. A funeral for Dal is held and amber is in an emotional state and will not speak, Amber blames herself for past events. Trudy is annoyed at the Guardian for her life being put in danger. Cloe reports to Alice and Ellie about chosen ways and Patsy gets jealous of Cloes ability to the cause. Ryan announces the news of Salene and her pregnancy. Pride see Ambers true love and returns the ring before she approaches Bray and tells of her love. Amber and Bray spend the night together, before Amber reveals her plans to rally an army for an attack on the chosen. The following morning Amber bid farewell before leaving on her mission.

EPISODE 117/118
Lex and Pride try and cheer Bray up and to stop moping about Amber, but Lex ends up shouting at Bray about his hurt about not being with Tai-san. News spread round the mall, Cloe was a spy, she has been sent to the mines. Patsy demands answers from Alice and Ellie, but with reassurance 00Patsy is still in action. Patsy is entered into the fifth circle. KC demands to know what Alice and Ryan are up to, but they dont feel they can trust him not yet at least. May spies Tai-san entering the Guardians room and when May mentions the incident to Trudy, a row of questioning begins leaving an insecure Trudy. Ebony teaches rebels how to fight but when Bray is asked to fight Ebony is left in a difficult situation with Pride rushing to save Ebony. Ebony is confused and Pride advises Ebony to apologise. When Ebony does she still gets a chilly reception from Bray? Alice and Ellie set up an anti-chosen base and print leaflet for distribution, while Ryan carries the leaflets he has to cover-up action to Salene. Salene confides in Luke about her relationship and his advice is to win him to the cause. KC finds a leaflet and so do the chosen. The Guardian is pleased by the hate and demands they find the person responsible to make an example of. Lieutenant Luke discovers Ellies effort and she is given one more chance. Trudy enters the Guardians suit and presents herself to the Guardian.

EPISODE 119/120
Ellie decides to make more leaflets but is that wise? And Alice starts to wonder why Luke let Ellie of the hook. The Guardian is disgusted at Trudy and decides She is not worthy to be supreme mother. Trudy becomes deeply distraught and Patsy becomes worried about her and Brady but Lieutenant Luke reassures her. Patsy Reports to Alice and Ellie about Tai-san secret meeting and Alice goes to have words with Tai-san. Bray catches a chosen in Loco HQ, but Bray finds out Lex. Lex still sneaks out to visit his true love but ends up taking part in a chosen meeting... A meeting where it is announced Trudy will die.The news is broken to the supreme mother and she pleads for her life but ends with no joy. Lieutenant Luke decides the supreme mother should be saved and asks for the rebels help. The ceremony arises and Trudy is lead to the cage, where a shocked KC runs in, his seen Zoot. Chaos taken been in the mall and the supreme mother is rushed to the sewers holding Baby Brady. Trudy seems shocked when Lieutenant Luke offers to hold Brady while she makes her escape. But Luke wont give up the most precious thing to the chosen, Brady.

EPISODE 121/122
The mall rats are pleased with the escape, but worried thatll theyll get caught, but Luke covers up for them. But the Guardian wants the person who spoke Zoot. May wishes to become Brady minder but before the Guardian says yes, he twists Mays arm so she tells on KC. KC is dragged before The Guardian and he say he did see Zoot. Bray wins Trudys trust, but Lex and Ebony arent glad of the new arrival. Ebony wishes to use Trudy, as a weapon in the war but Bray only wants the best for the fruitcake. So Bray sends Trudy with Pride to meet Amber. The Guardian asks Lukes advice on KC before consulting Zoot and confirming KC story. KC will be the Guardians new oracle. The Guardian tells Luke to spread the word blackening the supreme mothers name. Alice and co. want answers from KC but he plays their own trick on them but he does inform that they are out of trouble. Alice thinks he has made deals with the Guardian but what sort of deal? While May is on Brady duty, she falls asleep and Brady crawls from her watchful eye. When May wakes the search is on and she discovers upon a secret room. Alice tries to make Ellie appreciate Lieutenant Luke, but the plans ends in disaster. KC remembers Zoots message and the Guardian makes his own interpretation of it. All children will be brought up under the chosen and all pregnant women will step forward. Salene steps forward to Ryan disappointment. Pride finds two young children, Tally and Andy, in the forest on the was back to rebel HQ, but when he help sort berries he ends up getting caught by Ned in a net.

EPISODE 123/124
Pride becomes Ned, Andy and Tallys prisoner and is tied to trees. Ned reveals the plan; Pride will be sold as a slave to the chosen. But Pride stirs the family and tries to destroy ranks. Alice and Ellie comforts Ryan while they are set to painting, but Ryans anger ends in with him being in chains and paint over the chosen. The Guardian wants an end to rumours, and will double the slaves to improve it, but when he meets the mothers, labour throws him off the idea. Bray will pull the Rebels together; while Lex and Ebony hunt for fuel with a little diversion or a car, KC the oracle is hiding in. Ellie and Luke come to new understandings after an argument. Luke offers to send a message to Jack for Ellie as a sign of friendship. Rebel call upon 00Patsy, but as May informs Patsy has been caught spying, and she will help. May back in the mall sneaks into the secret room and is nearly caught on the mission KC gets a pass to the city while threatening to tell the tale of the supreme mother to the guardian. KC goes to see an old friend Fisheye to tell him about his new oracle status. Salene finds out that Ryan can take no part in the baby future, and when he finds out Ryan can listen to no reason. In a rage Ryan barrages into the Guardian suit and confronts the Guardian.

EPISODE 125/126
Luke saves Ryan from death, but Salene goes into mourning. Ellie is proud of Ryan and his attempt at the Guardian. Luke tells Salene the good news about Ryan being alive but Ellie over watches and gets the wrong idea. KC goes into Zoot trading making a profit or goggles, until he gets caught out. May meets up with the rebels, and finds out about Dal. But May has been successful, a map on the city but which will lead to the fuel dump the rebel mostly want. Ned, Tally and Andy lead prisoner Pride to the city where they find that trading is a lot harder when all are taken to the mall to worship the great one. Ellie gets the wrong idea of Luke while Tai-san pushes Luke to pass notes, which please the guardian. The rebels find the fuel dump and with little charm from Ebony, Bray gets the uniform. Bray drives into the fuel dump while Ebony ignites a trail of petrol. But Lex drops a bombshell to Ebony Bray is inside...Ebony and Lex rush to get Bray out, before the big bang. The explosion rocks the city and the shudder is felt throughout the mall, while the rebels celebrate. The guardian feel there is a hidden message in the fuel explosion when Luke reports it KC the oracle is called. KC reports a cause of celebration, which please the Guardian. Luke reports Jack is well to Ellie, but when Salene approaches praising the good of Luke, Ellie disagrees. May and pride decide to work together, and the May reports to the rebels of Pride's whereabouts. Ned pushes Alice to the limit and he ends up on the floor, after being hit. Salene feels depressed does anyone care about her now Ryan is gone? Is Zoot really there when she prays? Tai-san remembers times with Lex before removing her ring and visiting the Guardian. Tai-san is shocked when the Guardian has a brainwave... Tai-san is the pure supreme mother.

EPISODE 127/128
Bray, Lex and Ebony hi-jack a wagon of pregnant woman, but the women tell all about a new puppet show, and the rebel as bad guys, but with new puppeteers the show becomes, Lex the invisible. Luke warns Ellie about the offer Tai-san has received. Ellie is in shock but Luke insists that Tai-san turns the offer down. Tai-san seeks the advice of Pride after the offer she received. After she talks to Alice and Ellie her decision is made, after a conversation with the Guardian a new supreme mother will have a coronation. Ned uses Pride as a slave. No one can understand why Pride accepts Ned ways until his true colour of a lion are shown. The rebels her news about the coronation and Lex erupts, the traitor will pay. Luke has words with Ellie, but Ellie tries to explain that she cares for him and nothing shows it better than a kiss. KC involves Andy and Tally in a profit making scheme, Tai-san t-shirts, but the t-shirt leads to Lex finding who the new supreme mother is, his wife. Alice checks on Salene, but leaves them with disastrous consequences, Salene runs from a fight with Alice only to fall down the mall stairs.

EPISODE 129/130
Ebony stirs the situation with the new supreme mother when Lex gets mad. Bray reminds Ebony of the way love hurts, so Pro-Tai-San talk is given to Lex. Alice goes into a guilt trip after Salenes fall, but Luke reassures that Salene is ok. KC talks to Tai-san about Lexs reaction. May reveals to Tai-san the rebels qualities within her. So a plan is thought up for the supreme mother can visit her Lex. And the Guardian approves the plan. It is up to May to inform Lex of the plan. Tai-san and Lex finally meet but tension is in the air. After a conversation Lex is forced to go after Tai-san shouts Guards. KC shares the goods from the scam, but leave Tally and Andy disappointed. But Tally and Andy get revenge as the put their own scam into practice leaving KC out. Salene screams, and finds devastating news. She has had miscarriage. Luke is there to comfort her. But why is Zoot punishing her? Ellie finds it hard to avoid Luke, but when they finally talk Ned gets the wrong idea. The Guardian asks Tai-san about her quest but she reveals Lex was there but has no regrets about renouncing him. Pride and Tai-san decide to work as rebels together and the first move together is Salene becoming nurse maid. Bray gets in target practice before noticing that the crossbow and Lex are gone.

EPISODE 131/132
Tai-san has a dream about the ceremony. Things will turn out bad. Bray is worried about the missing Lex; he goes in search followed by Ebony, unknown to him. The guardian allows one mall rat to be set free but the mall rats must decide which one. They trick Ned into leaving but he soon reappears. The coronation begins and Lex with the crossbow takes aim and fires. Lex is in shock, he shoots someone else, his wife. Alice finds out about Salene and the lose of her baby, when she apologises she gets an unusual response. The guardian needs someone to blame for the shooting of Tai-san and that person is Luke, he is fired and will become a chosen salve. Tai-san and Pride put their plan into action. GO REBELS! Pride takes over Brady-sitting while Tai-san seeks a word with Salene, by the time Salene returns Pride, May and Brady are gone from the mall. At rebel HQ, it's time for celebration as May, Pride and Baby Brady rejoin well as Amber and Trudy.

Episode 133/134
Salene tries to speak the truth but is put on trial with Tally and Luke for Brady's disappearance. The guardian decides that Tai-san will help pass sentence. But when the time comes everyone apart from Luke is let off. Bray gets jealous of Pride and Amber, but Amber reveals some interesting news which cause an argument in paradise, Amber is pregnant. Ellie saves Luke from the Guardian clutches, she must now hide him somewhere in the mall, with some help from Salene. The Guardian brings in the Praetorian Troops, which brings Alice to the conclusion the mall rats are no longer prisoners they are hostages... The troops first duty is to secure the mall and find Luke. Bray listens to Lex's advice while Trudy talks to Amber. Pride makes Bray see sense. Bray then sorts things with Amber, by giving a sorrowful speech. The mallrats find that Ned is missing. The Guardian reveals his past to Tai-san and how Zoot tormented him, before night draws in and The Guardian opens the door to Zoot.

EPISODE 135/136
Salene can't sleep; a noise is keeping her awake. She asks Alice for help. Alice while investigating finds someone breaking in...but it's Ned trying to break out, Alice offers her experience. Luke begins to blame himself. Amber begins to have doubts about having the baby, but Bray and Trudy work together to convince her to keep it. The Guardian springs a marriage ceremony on Tai-san as according to the Guardian Zoot is here. The Guardian has a messages from Zoot it is time for him and everyone in the mall to join him. Bray decides it's time to strike and reclaim the mall and his tribe. In the mall, everyone has been gathered up except for Alice and Ned who have dug to freedom, but it is too small for them to get through. The rebels outside the mall hear the guardian plans to torch the mall. Alice and Ned enlist KC's help and while Alice and Ned take on the guards, KC slips outside to bring the rebels in. Amber and Trudy go to the grille and distract the Guardian while Bray and the other make their move. KC drags Bray to do his plan, while Ebony and Lex run straight to the bomb...they need the deactivation code. But suddenly a voice echoes throughout the mall. One of the supposed Zoots.

EPISODE 137/138
Zoot demand the Guardian to stop at once. The Guardian gets reduced to a mental mess. The bomb gets defused just in time. The guardian is locked up awaiting trial. Amber comforts and reassures Bray, Martin/Zoot is dead. Lex and Tai-san are re-united, but they soon are resorted to bickering, when Tai-san takes care of the guardian. Ebony guards the guardian most people want him dead. Bray and Amber wake to a mob outside lead by Moz. They want the Guardian, dead, But once they calmed down the mob, the realise the Guardian maybe not be sane enough to have a trial. Luke contemplates giving himself up as guilt is getting the better of him, but Ellie thinks different. Tai-san is sent to spy on the guardian to find his true mind, but she find Andy taunting him, But nevertheless she finds that the Guardian is no way near sane enough. May gets tarred and feathered to pay for betraying the tribe, punishment delivered and decided by Lex. Tally finds Salene on the roof, preparing to jump. She rushes and fetches Trudy and Bray. Both find they can do nothing. But Tally brings Brady, which leads to Salene changing her mind at the last moment. May inquires into Prides life. Bray and Amber break the news to the mall rats as a practise of telling the mob the Guardian won't be tried. The news doesn't go down well, until Luke steps forward to be tried.

Episode 139/140
Luke is caged awaiting trial. The mob doesn't take the news of the guardian unable to be tried badly, but when they hear of Luke's trial it saves the mob from turning angry. Tai-san is angry toward Lex as of his treatment of May, but they still have trouble when Lex apologises. Bray asks Amber to be the magistrate at Luke's trial. She refuses, until she hears Ebony is chief prosecution. The trial begins and some of the mob is allowed in. Luke pleads guilty. But Ambers punishment leads to fury with the mob, Luke will go free, to live with the knowledge of what he has done. Luke is soon back in the cage for his own protection. Ellie is ecstatic that Luke is kept alive until Jack is back and causes complications. Ellies tells Jack about Dal, but Jack acts unfriendly to Trudy when he bumps into the ex-supreme mother. Pride leaves Amber with an identity crisis, Eagle or Amber, as he decides to re-join the tribe. Pride is left saddened when Amber decides to stay as amber with the mall rats. Trudy and Amber suggest having a meal to renew everyone to the mall rats, but when the meal comes Amber and Trudy find themselves in danger and they are kidnapped by a mysterious attacker.

EPISODE 141/142
After a search of the mall, the mall rats discover that Amber and Trudy are gone. Ellie continues the search while Jack wants to hang out with her. KC scams with Tally and Andy about celebration food before get caught out by Lex. May puts ideas into Bray head, which leaves Salene depressed, as Bray has no time for her in the rush to find Pride. Bray finds and confronts Pride, but Pride has not seen Amber and returns with Bray to help. Alice and Ned get close, before Alice gets advice from Tai-san about the new love of her life, but she's scared of getting hurt. Ned finds a ransom note, and the mall rats discuss it. Luke and Ellie feel guilty with the return of Jack. Ellie decides to be with Jack and Luke accepts. Jack asks Salene for advice and Ellie, before he warns Luke off Ellie.

EPISODE 143/144
Alice discovers the second ransom note and the mall rats need to decide to do what it says. Meanwhile the kidnapped Amber and Trudy comfort each other. Lex caves into Tai-san and decides to see the guardian for himself, and this changes Lex view and Lex agrees to feed him. Bray makes a decision, to hand over the Guardian but it is soon changed when Tai-san and Lex have words...Bray decides to become the Guardian...and ambush the kidnapper. Jack tries to show Ellie's his love. A romantic meal for two, but not everything goes to plan as Ellie leaves and when Jack follows he spots Ellie and Luke sharing a moment. He is distort and leaves the next morning. Alice and Ellie argue when Alice finds out about Ellie's new love. KC and Tally get Andy to take the guardians ring, but he gets a shock as the guardian acts less insane than he is. The ambush party leaves and wait for the kidnapper, but they make a fatal mistake and ambush the wrong people...the mosquitoes. Jack visits Dal grave before leaving on an adventure. In the middle of the night after a failed ambush, Ebony wakes to find the next ransom note and the kidnapper, Ned.