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The Tribe Forever


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Season 2 Episode Guide


Here is a summary of the episodes in Season Two.

The Mallrats listen as they find there is a virus hidden in the city. But as the message draws to a close tragedy hits the mallrats as the conservatory explodes. A group of Zoot worshipers, named the Chosen, start their pilgrimage. Dawn breaks, and Bray finally wakes to hear devastating news from Lex, Amber and Zandra are dead. The Mallrats start their journey back to the city without Bray, who has a private moment with at Amber's grave, before rejoining the group. The tribe spilt into two groups, the younger ones along with Salene, Trudy and Ryan head back to the mall, while the rest search for the antidote. The others split into a further three groups in search of the antidote. Jack and Dal have no luck as they find the government building destroyed, while Bray has an encounter with Danni, as he is taken hostage. Lex, Ebony and Tai-san strike jackpot; when the find the tank of bubbling yellow liquid. In the middle of the night everyone in the mall is asleep until a virus ridden Top Hat demands is hat. KC luckily saves the day, well night. Tai-san finds the antidote formula but hides it before Lex and Ebony join her and they head back to the mall. Bray tells Danni the story of the Mallrats and creates a new recruit. Everyone back at the mall discuses what to do with the antidote, a mission of mercy is decided, and everyone will get the antidote for free. Salene, Ryan, Bray and Danni leave to hand it out. The day ends and all of the antidote is gone, except for what Jack kept to analyze. Lex and the others have a shock when they discover Lex has got the virus again. As Lex begins to worry, Tai-san takes the antidote formula, and burns it.

On a farm, Ellie comes down with the virus, and her sister Alice cannot bear to see her die, so she makes the journey into the city to get the antidote. Tai-san believes the antidote can be made from plants but the mallrats are unsure. She does not listen and goes plant collecting. Bray and Jack work on analysing the only sample of the antidote left, but time is running out as children wanting antidote start trying to get into the mall. Lex finds out about the left over antidote and soon swallows it. The crowd is getting bigger and the mall rats begin to worry. KC and Lex hatch a plan and send the crowd and Alice away with yellow paint, water and some herbs. Tai-san informs the tribe that she has made the antidote from plants but refuses to give the formula to the tribe. Bray and Danni being to think that power will corrupt. Ellie begins to get worse, the antidote Alice got given does not work, and Alice wants revenge. Ebony points out to the mall rats that if Lex needs repeat doses so will the whole population of the city. Spike decides to get the antidote from the mall rats; he bursts in, injuring Bob the dog. Ebony bargains and gets a deal; the mall rats now have bodyguards. The mall rats begin collecting plants while Jack and Dal help set up a laboratory for Tai-san. Night comes and Lex is woken from his sleep.

Alice wants answers from Lex, but Lex promises the real antidote. Alice is still unsure and decides to take Tai-san for reassurance. A rescue party is set up with Ebony and Lex deciding to be chief rescuers, but Bray and Danni have a suspicion, so they decide Danni will also be part of the rescue party. People start returning for the antidote and worries begin as if Tai-san doesn't return soon there won't be enough antidote to last. Lex and Ebony plot to use Tai-san as they reach the farm. At the farm, Alice has been expecting the rescue party. Tai-san is free to go. But as Lex and Ebony begin to put their plan into action Alice and Ellie join them. Alice wants to become Tai-san bodyguard and Tai-san agrees. The mall rats use their power to disarm the city, while the chosen arrive at the edge of it. Alice and Ellie are allowed to join the mall rats and Dal gets the opportunity he has always wanted, to run a farm.

The chosen start the voyage into the city, while Dal takes Ryan and Salene out to the farm. Jack and Ellie decide to find out more about the virus and how it started, the first place they search is where the antidote was found. Lex begins a winning streak at the gambling den, while the tribe leaders begin a meeting. Danni proposes that tribeS disarm, and it looks like she will get her way until The chosen refuse the antidote, at The Guardian's orders. Jack and Ellie strike lucky at the antidote building, and find an old tape. Tai-san is coming down ill and Alice and Danni start to worry, while KC sneaks into Tai-san lab. While touching everything, he accidently leave the gas on. When Tai-San returns, she is in great danger. Patsy is given the job of caring for Brady. Patsy, Trudy, Bray and Brady go for a walk. When Trudy and Bray leave Patsy and Brady, the baby is gone.

Trudy is devastated and is on the warpath. Brady has gone; Bray searches the area but has no luck. Patsy flees the areas and Bray comforts Trudy as they head back to the mall. The explosion at the lab has the tribe rushing to the rescue of Tai-san. But she is found unconscious and all are worried that she might not make it. The mall rats have too many problems to deal with and Alice begins to investigate the explosion while Ebony plans a rescue mission for Patsy and Brady. KC finds Patsy in a dumpster but is blackmailed into keeping his mouth shut. Tai-san regains consciousness but gives the mall rats a new problem. It appears she has amnesia and can't remember the formula. That don't know what to do as the line for the antidote grows longer. Ebony blackmails KC into telling where Patsy can be found, but when Patsy is returned to the mall it only upset Trudy even more, doesn't Brady matter? Jack and Ellie view their videotape found at the antidote building. The President says the virus was created by a comet, but is that really the truth? Brady is taken to the camp of the Chosen. Tai-san starts to regain some memories, and with the knowledge there could be a chance of her losing her memory again, she decides to share the secret with Bray.

Danni decides to use Bray's new power to set up a bill of rights, but soon becomes frustrated when Bray spends more and more time with Tai-san. Salene and Ryan decide to search for Brady, but instead come to the rescue of a depressed Trudy. Ebony inspires Lex to read, and he inlists Ryan's help. Dal decides to spend the night at the farm, but finds himself in trouble when the Chosen show up. Luckly he was allowed to escapt and told the mallrats what had happen. Suspicions begin about Brady and the Chosen. A decision is made that no mallrat is allowed to go out of the mall by themselves. Salene starts to misunderstand Ryan's intensions, which makes her slip into old habits. Jack finds out the president was lying when he watches the video again and hears him talking after the camera has been turned off but the tape mysteriously disappears. Ebony finds the chosen's base and then plots with the Guardian. He wants Trudy to complete the scared triangle, but is Ebony willing to betray the mall rats for her old acquaintance?

Salene once again finds herself battling bulimia, and Ryan and her talk and try to sort things but find Lex's advice unhelpful. Ebony sneaks back into the mall and tells Trudy she has found the kids who took Brady and they must go look for them, alone. Jack tries to convinces Ellie of what he heard but Danni says he must have been dreaming it. Danni works more on the bill of rights before tearing it up when Bray is still unwilling to help. Ebony leads Trudy into the woods, but Trudy begins to have doubts until Ebony brings Brady to her. The happy reunion is short lived, though, when the Chosen encircle them and take them back to their camp. Trudy becomes the chosen supreme mother and can do anything but leave. She is then faced with a tough decision, should she let Ebony live or die. Ebony and Trudy then talk about the past before Trudy makes her decision.

The Mallrats begin the search after figuring Trudy is now missing as well. In the Chosen cave, Trudy demands to have Ebony as her personal slave. The two begin to plot their escape but Trudy finds she must trust Ebony for the plan to work. Ebony is free and back to the mall to blackmail Bray. She will not tell him were Trudy and Ebony are until he gives her the formula for the antidote. Jack seeks advice from Ryan and gets annoyed when Ellie plays a joke as he puts the advice into practice. Trudy soon realises Ebony has betrayed her trusts once again, but she is soon forced to forget. She must participate in the ceromony that will make her part of the Chosen. She must tell them all she wants power and chaos or lose Brady. Bray refuses to give Ebony the formula but soon changes his mind, and it's off to rescue Trudy and Brady. When they reach the chosen's cave, they find it abandoned. The mall rats head to the beach to find the chosen. Bray wants the rescue not to have bloodshed. Lex has a plan but it turns to disaster, as Trudy is forced to return to the chosen in exchange for Lex's life. The chosen soon leave the city by boat with Trudy and Brady still their captives.

The rescue party delivers the bad news to the tribe and most seems to blame Lex. Jack is still angry with Ellie and Alice gives advice to Ellie making her want to sort things out with Jack. Bray is angry and annoyed by what happened, and wants revenge. Lex and Bray battle it out that night, but Bray is saved by Ebony when he decided to walk away. KC decides to let Patsy and Cloe help in wheel and deal, but watches stop. Ebony carries on blackmailing Bray, which gets her position as joint leader. Jack and Ellie sort things out just before Ebony spoils it causing more trouble in paradise. Ellie goes to the farm with Dal as a sheep begins labour. Jack gets jealous, just as Alice discovers what Jack uses as a screensaver. In the middle of the night, Ebony meets a stranger who passes on some deadly crystals.

Ebony slips some of the deadly crystals into Tai-sans antidote. Lex becomes depressed and starts to hit the booze. Danni announces the bill of right is ready for signing, so the tribe leaders meet, and with a quick intervention between Tai-san and Alice, it is signed. Everyone looks forward to the party afterwards, all except Tai-san who will look after bob in her room. Jack discovers the truth about what Ellie and Dal were doing on the farm, and tries to make amends, and Ellie proposes the idea of a news sheet. During the party Tai-san accidently knocks over her antidote in her room and leaves to get more, but when she returns Bob is lying dead. Tai-san soon discovers a deadly crystal on the floor; Ebony and Alice search the rooms. They are found under Danni's pillow and she is put in the cage. Ryan tries to help Lex, but it doesn't seem to work, so Salene tells him she will try to talk to Lex. Lex confides in Salene about his dad, and Salene soon feels sorry for Lex. Ebony visits Danni in the cage giving her a warning.

Soon Lex comes onto Salene and when she refuses he trys to force her. She ends up crying, Ryan finds out and Lex is banished from the mall. A trial begins to find if Danni is innocent or guilty of killing Bob, Patsy and Cloe have already made their minds up, and so have half the jury by the time Ebony's interrogation comes around. Bray calls a recess and Danni confides that her father created the virus and no one can know. Bray decides the only way to get Danni off the hook is to tell the truth, he reveals how he made the antidote formula known to Ebony to save Trudy and Brady. Danni is found innocent. Ryan and Salene sort out their problems and decide to take their relationship to the next level. Ebony is angry at Spike and forces him to leave the mall, making him make a false confession. Patsy and Cloe find a stray dog while on a walk and decide they want him. Bray organises a meal for tribe to bring back togetherness and trust.

A week later the Mallrats decide to open a trading market. Jack and Ellie seems to have increasing luck in the search for answers concerning the virus but Danni tries to discourage them from continuing. Lex wanders the streets alone until he finds the outcasts and May, but they are not what they seems when they leave him with nothing. Tai-san no longer wants protection from Alice after Alice warns Ebony. Jack and Ellie discover the truth about the virus and it is found Danni has a lot of explaining to do. Danni leaves the mall followed by Bray. Ebony sees her opportunity to overthrow Bray. Dal returns from the farm with an amulet, and Tai-san marvels at the design. Ryan decides to track Lex down and bring him back to the mall. Bray and Danni return to the mall to hear Ebony's plans to sell the antidote, but when Lex and Ryan returns the plans are destroyed as Lex reveals the virus is gone.

For 2 weeks the mall rats kept quiet about the antidote, volunteers have cleaned up the city, Danni's become a judge, Salene's become a teacher and Ryan and Dal work on the farm. Ellie has had enough of the lies and resigns from the newssheet. That decision is changed when Jack reveals the new name of the news sheet with the words no more lies. She calls him beautiful and they finally kiss. Rumours hit the city about the antidote. Lex needs to prove himself, and becoming Market supervisor is seems to be the way. KC spots Spike while out in the city and he reports his sightings to Ebony. Ebony leaves the mall to find Spike and falls into Spike's trap, she is taken hostage. Spike wants revenge. Ebony must beg if she ever wants to be let go. Lex makes amends with Salene and Jack and Ellie find love. Ellie is angry after seeing what Bray and Danni are doing with the newssheet. The new world is made of lies and deceit. Tai-san begins to get concern about Ebony, but no one else cares. In the night Ebony has horrifying memories as Tai-san is woken by a disturbing dream and yells the name "Ebony!"

Spike is determined to find Ebony's weak point, but while Ebony is being taunted by Spike, her nightmares continue about the past and Zoot. Bray finds that the Militia refuses to work until they get orders from Ebony. Rumors are flying about the antidote and it is starting to cause trouble. Workers are not showing up at the farm and the trading market is deserted. Spike finally gives up on Ebony and locks her in a safe to die. On the influence of Tai-sans dream, Alice, Cloudy, and herself set off to rescue Ebony and return her to the safe mall. Cloe and Patsy decide it's time to grow up and get boyfriends, but Ryan decides otherwise as it's dangerous in the city. Dal has a run in with The Gulls who beat him and overturn his cart. KC sounds the alarm; the Gulls and a mob are heading towards the mall. Bray tries to speak reason the the crowd but he ends up getting hit with a rock, but Ebony saves the day by taking control of the crowd with a brilliant speech.

Bray needs Ebony's help, but she just wants to be left alone. Tai-san tries to comfort her and to make her be honest with herself. Salene reveals to Danni how Bray can be sometimes. Ellie wants to tell the truth in the news sheet, but Jack disagrees. They end up arguing. Patsy and Cloe decide to like Dal, but they realize there is only one of him and two of them. Alice offers advice leading them to make-up. Ryan suggests having a baby to Salene, but Salene is stunned and doesn't want one. The relationship looks like it could hit the rocks. Ellie seeks Ebony advice about the news sheet and the truth before destroying what she loves. The market sets up a currency system, and Lex is in charge, but not for long. Lex falls asleep and the tokens get stolen. Lex is fired and Ryan get hired.

Ebony impresses Bray by handing out a punishment to a thief that isn't harsh. Ryan decides to buy baby shoes. When Salene finds out, she is outraged, he just doesn't seem to get the fact that she doesn't want a kid. As night closes in the Mall Rats join the dance party, Ebony impress Bray while other mall rats end up upset, jealous, and guilty. A tribe leader stirs up trouble but Bray charms the crowd and avoids trouble. Salene stirs trouble between Danni and Bray. Ellie is still not back and is still on a walkabout, Jack is worried, but Jack hasn't seen anything yet according to Alice. Ebony decides to tell Bray her feelings, but Bray doesn't believe her, it's just another game. Ebony is devastated. Lex and Ryan go out to drown their sorrows but return drunk which makes Alice and Salene mad. In the middle of the night, Ebony sobs her heart out in the sewers as the shadow of a previous Mall Rat decends into the mall.

Episode 85/86
Trudy is still keeping to herself and Patsy is terrified that she will still blame her for losing Brady. Ellie and Jack make-up before Ellie goes to get a story from Trudy for the newssheet. Cloe and Patsy try to get Ryan and Salene back together, but Ryan can't seem to make Sal happy. Lex takes charge of security because they need to be ready for an attack from the Chosen. But while Lex tries to do his job he upsets Alice. Alice in return leaves the mall for the farm and puts herself in danger. Ebony tries to overcome her feelings by becoming a slave driver. Jack and Dal are working hard on the alarm system. Bray talks to Tai-San about Ebony. Bray realizes Ebony could have been speaking the truth about her feelings. Danni and Bray decide to hold a tribe forum to get the city tribes to pull together against the Chosen. Lex goes to the farm to apologize to Alice, but finds he is part of a rescue operation. But he finds himself in danger as the roof collapses while Alice escapes.

Episode 87/88
Lex and Alice rejoice when they return to the mall alive. Alice seems to be taking a liking to Lex. Lex is touched.
Patsy decides to try to talk to Trudy and finds she has forgiven her. Ellie tries to get her story from Trudy but is warned off Patsy. Lex makes Jack chose between the tribe and Ellie. Ellie is annoyed by his decision. Ryan and Ellie head out into the city to get a story. Trudy takes Patsy and Cloe for a picnic and doesn't allow Salene to come. Ryan confides in Ellie while they try to find information on the Chosen. Ellie decides to go back while Ryan decides to stay away from the mall. Lex lets Alice become his deputy. Ebony decides to move back to the hotel with her Militia. But then comes the decision of who will have Jack knowledge, Ebony or the mall rats. Bray decides Ebony can use his resources. Danni and Bray become closer while Salene becomes jealous.

Episode 89/90

The city tribes are united against the Chosen, but no info can be found about them. Ellie gives up the search while Ryan decides not to return to the mall and head for the hills leaving a message for Ellie to pass onto Salene. Alice invites Lex for a meal, but Lex just wants to be friends. Bray uses the meal as blackmail, while Alice gets excited and gets a new dress. Cloe complains to Dal about Trudy, but Dal brushes it off as jealousy. Bray decides to have Jack spy on Ebony and the Militia. As Ellie return, Jack is carted off by the Militia to the mall. KC makes plans for a rat race. A depressed Ryan stands on a bridge and looks down at the gorge below, until Salene appears. Ebony gets suspicious of Jack when he is found in her office. Lex can't tell Alice the truth, that he just wants them to be friends, during the meal. Tai-san is annoyed at Lex, but they spend most of the night visiting each other trying to have the last word until the kiss.

Episode 91/92

Lex and Tai-San spend the night together but it is soon ruined when Tai-San begins to feel guilty. Cloe and KC plan the rat race but Cloe doesn't like the way KC treats the rat so she tries to get her own. Jack seeks Ellie's advice over spying on Ebony. He get Dal to help for only a short amount of time before nervousness gets the better of him. Cloe is becoming more scared of Trudy and losing her friend Patsy. Ellie appeals to Bray to let Jack off the hook, but Jack must continue. Danni tries to make Ellie's mind go onto new things, finding a happy story for the newssheet, a new comer, Wolf, brings news that Chosen are finished. Alice confides in Tai-san, which increases the guilt Tai-san feels and sooner causes problems between Lex and herself. Tai-san gets jealous when Trudy offers to treat Lex to a meal. Ryan and Salene cheer up Cloe by finding her a rat, and consequently making her win the rat race. Ryan proposes to Salene while, in the night a hooded person meets with wolf to discuss Chosen plans.

Episode 93/94

Wolf passes on a message to the Guardian from Supreme Mother Trudy. It seems Lex has come down with food poisoning. Alice and Tai-san both try to care for him. Danni tells the tribe the security at the mall is getting bad. Jack and Dal argue over the security grille. Jack listens in on a conversation between Ebony and other tribe leaders, but the most important part is cut off. Tai-san is filled with guilt and tell Lex the relationship is over. Salene seeks advice from Trudy over Ryans proposal. Trudy stirs old feeling by telling her not to settle for second best. Ellie tries to visit Jack but is turned away and finds out about a black van kidnapping kids. Salene, still confused, talks to Bray, and then lets Trudy confuse her more. She says no to Ryan. Ryan is furious and seeks Lex's advice. Ryan misunderstands the advice and attacks Bray. Danni is annoyed and heads to sort out Ebony while Bray receives a visitor, Salene with a shocking revelation.

Episode 95/96

Bray is shocked and turns Salen away. Salene says goodbye to Brady and Trudy finds her and an argument insues. Salene then leaves the mall saying another goodbye to Ryan. Danni confronts Ebony, then Ebony confront Bray, then Trudy reveals the truth and is not believed. Brays life gets hectic. Lex tells Alice he's in love, but unfortunately not with her. Alice is saddened and decides to find out who. Alice decides Lex's new girl is Trudy. Cloe talks to an uninterested Patsy who leaves to babysit Brady. Trudy goes to visit the real Brady and to worship Zoot. It is revealed that she is betraying the mall rats and schemes with the Guardian. Alice gives advice to Dal, never betray friend not even for love. But Dal confesses his feelings to Ellie. Ebony finds out about Jack the Spy. While getting revenge on Jack, Bray arrives at the hotel to find Spike dead in the pool. Bray decides Ebony is the murder, but is she? Lex and Tai-san make-up while Alice is devastated to find out her best friend betrayed her.

Episode 97/98

Ebony is shocked to see Spike dead, and she denies having anything to do with it but Bray doesn't believe her. A trio of girls, Lips, Teeth and Dimples, spot Salene on the streets. They chase after her because any Mall Rat must be punished for the disappearence of Billy Boy. Alice gets herself arrested by Axl after storming out of the mall. Alice gets support from Ebony and decides to become her militia spy. What Ebony needs is to get the militia to trust her again. Tai-san tells Lex it's over...again, because of guilt. Cloe and Patsy have another fight and Cloe decides to give Ryan some TLC. May, the outcast, saves Salene from the crazy trio. May then procedes to tell Salene she's pregnet. May's advice is to go back to the mall and so they do. May and Salene get a mixed welcome before Lips, Teeth, and Dimples arrive wanting Lex. Ryan saves the day and Salene is thankful. Salene begs for forgiveness from Ryan. In the middle of the night May gets rejected by Lex before she scream when she spots Trudy, what's the Supreme Mother of the Chosen doing here?

Episode 98/100

Trudy manages to convice the Mall Rats she is innocent and they feel sorry for her. Mall Rats receive information of Alice working for Ebony, and Ellie approves. Ryan and Salene announce their new wedding plans, while Lex proposes to Tai-san. Turns out best mates are getting married together. KC helps Ryan get a wedding ring and books Lips, Teeth, and Dimples to sing. Ebony confronts Danni, before Bray confronts Ebony. The Mall Rats reject Ebony, a so called executive decision. Trudy reports and plots with the Guardian. Tai-san tries to make amends with Alice, and Alice appears at the wedding. Trudy sends out Patsy to do a special deed while the weddings take place. Patsy tricks Ebony with some hysteria; Ebony follows Patsy to the boardwalk. Lex and Tai-san, Ryan and Salene all say I do and are joined in holy matrimony till death do they part. As Lips, Teeth and Dimples sing the celebration, Ebony receives the wrath of the Chosen.

Episode 101/102

Ebony is gone and Patsy runs and hides from what has happened. Alice heads back to the hotel and finds it swarming with Chosen. She is taken captive. Her courage saves her life, but not Ebony's. The Guardian reveals that Ebony is dead. Salene gets advice from May before going to "Venice" for a honeymoon. Patsy returns to the mall, horrified, but Trudy manages to calm her. Her best friend is now ignoring her though. Jack and Dal experience more friendship troubles. Ebony haunts Patsy's nightmares. Patsy seeks Cloes comfort but Cloe is not interested. Patsy heads to the caf to see her nightmare come real. Ebony is alive and demands answers. Lex and Ryan are forced into helping Bray and Danni at a tribe leaders meeting. Brady is left in care of Patsy while Trudy goes out. Cloe discovers that everything is not what they seem, Brady is a boy. Patsy reveals everything to Cloe, and it's up to them to save the tribe leaders from the Chosen. Patsy and Cloe rush to the rescue after a little encounter with Trudy, but they arrive to late as Danni is already in the building.Ryan, Lex, Bray, Patsy and Cloe runs for cover as the chosen arrive in the city.

Episode 103/104

The tribe leaders are held captive as Bray and the other sit and wait. Cloe and Patsy head back to the mall, but find themselves too late and the Chosen capture the Mall Rats, all except for Jack who hides. Salene is shocked, how could Trudy do this? The Mall Rats helped her give birth, took care of her when she was sick. Lex, Ryan, and Bray return to find Jack, in shock, in fear, and self-hating. Jack starts thinking of plans to rescue the Mall Rats while Wolf brings more bad news. Wolf soon blows his Chosen cover, and Bray confronts him. Jack throws him down the stairs and saves the day. Lex leaves to gather people to help, but Bray thinks he can do a better jobs and tries himself. Bray arrives at the hotel to save Danni, just in time, while Ryan and Jack smoke the building. Soon all hell brakes loose as Lex leads the forces for an attack. Jack saves the Mall Rats locked in the hotel room. The Chosen evacuate the hotel and head towards the beach, but everyone follows for the ultimate fight. Lex gets hold a dune buggy and drives ahead. Salene finds Ryan badly injured. She tells him the news about the baby, which seems to help him forget the pain. The Mall Rats have the opportunity to end everything, but soon find that they find themselves out numbered as more and more Chosen arrive. The Mall Rats find themselves captives once more. Lex turns up in the buggy and drives Bray upside down. As the events unfold, Ebony watches all from a hill top.