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The Tribe Forever


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Season 1 Episode Guide


Here is a summary of what happen on each episode in Season One.

Amber and Dal save Cloe from the Locos on their way out of the city. Lex, Zandra, Ryan, and Glenn meet the Locos at the train station to negotiate their way into the tribe. Things go wrong and the four try to run away. All get away except Glenn. Cloe leads Amber and Dal to a hidden playground and to the others she is with, Salene, Patsy, Paul, and Bob the dog. Lex, Ryan, and Zandra find them and Lex plans to steal their food. The Locos show up and all flee. Amber and the others find a nearby mall to hide in and are followed by Lex, Ryan, and Zandra. They find Jack, who lives at the mall and he locks Lex, Ryan, and Zandra in the grille. He welcomes the others to the mall. Meanwhile, a tired Trudy and Bray walk to the city find shelter and safety.

Amber decides that she and Dal and the others should stay at the mall and look after the others. Then comes Amber's first decision as leader, what to do with the captives?As Amber talks to Lex about his choice to stay or go, Paul feels the vibrations of an intruder. Amber and Dal go to investigate, but find nothing. They let Lex, Ryan, and Zandra out of the grille and the two guys to investigate themselves. They see Bray and try to catch him, but Bray escapes and heads back to the mall. There, the others allow him to join the tribe. Lex disapproves and gets mad. The next morning, everyone wakes up to find food and Bray gone. Lex starts to preach about Bray, but then they hear a door. Bray walks into the mall with a pregnant Trudy beside him.

Bray explains that they need somewhere safe for Trudy to have her baby and the safest place they've found is the mall. Cloe finds a calf roaming the street and hides it in the mall car park because she doesn't want the others to eat it. She names it Bluebell. Patsy and Paul find Jack's secret food store and start to blackmail him for food. If he doesn't give them what they want they will tell everyone his secret. A vote is held to decide if Trudy stays. The vote goes against, and Trudy must leave. Bray is angered as they leave, but Trudy screams, labour has begun.

Trudy screams out, her contractions are coming faster. Lex is convinced Bray and Trudy are scamming the tribe, but they can't leave now. Bray takes charge of the labour while Amber, Salene and Zandra help out. Cloe visits Bluebell and feeds her milk, while Patsy and Paul visit the food store again. Trudy gives birth to a baby girl. All of the tribe is welcome to visit the new arrival and Bray slips away into the night.

Bray has not returned and Trudy has become too ill to care for the baby. Lex has a theory that Bray has gone to get the locos. Amber rations food and water because supplies are already running low. But Lex gets he's own way when he forces Jack to give him and Ryan double rations. Bray enters a warehouse full of supplies and starts to collect things for the baby. Demon Dogs arrive and Bray has to hide until they all go to sleep. Amber and Dal search the looted Mall trying to find much needed antibiotics to save Trudy, but nothing shows up. Dal goes on a suicide mission to his father's surgury to get medicine. Bray makes an escape and returns to the mall to find a very angry Amber. Bray needs to take more responsibility for Trudy and the baby.

Trudy lies in bed, getting worse; while Dal enters the surgery after seeing the Locos capture newly found prisoners. Amber takes care of Trudy while Salene tries to give the baby a bath. No one will give up their water rations but then,to everyone surprise, Lex offers his own water ration. Then he takes the water from the tank. Cloe takes Bluebell for a walk only to find Bray talking to the leader of the Locos, Zoot. Bray convinces Cloe not to tell anyone as they head back to the mall. Dal returns with the much need antibiotics, as Bray and Cloe also return.

Bray looks after Trudy, while Dal, after his expedition, waits to see it all pays off. Tension arises about work duties in the tribe. Trudy finally wakes. Ryan gets puzzled as money, which is worthless is stolen and then returned. Patsy, Paul, and Cloe remember the past, while Jack changes the food store lock. Lex wants to get rid of Bray, Trudy, and the baby and he has words with Trudy. In the middle of the night, Bray slips into the sewers to meet with the Loco leader, Zoot.

Bray and Zoot argue as Zoot feels uneasy being in enemy territory. Paul is woken when he senses vibrations and goes to wake Lex. Zoot has a shock when Bray brings Trudy and the baby, Zoots daughter, to meet him. Bray tries to persuade Zoot to join the tribe as Zoot tries to persuade Trudy to leave the tribe and join him with the locos. Lex and Ryan attack and Zoot escapes upstairs. Ryan and Lex decide to get revenge on the traitor and beat Bray. Zoot trys to protect Bray and is accidently thrown over the balcony in the fight. The tribe is in shock. As morning approaches Amber, Jack and Dal go with Bray and Trudy to bury the leader. The graveyard are full of demon dogs so it is decide a warrior funeral will be the best way. As Zoot is pushed out to see in a burning boat, Bray reveals Zoot was his younger brother.

Most of the tribe is asleep, but Salene comforts Bray and Bray confides in Salene. Salene gets a shock when she goes to make tea and finds rats. Amber has a new work roter up, which creates more tension within the tribe. Jack and Ryan see ways of getting out of the chores by using Patsy and Paul. Patsy and Paul play poker with Ryan and during the match they need more food to bet. Bray spies on the Locos to find Ebony is the new leader and is calling for Zoot in a strange ritual. Zandra talks to Salene about Trudy, has she got post-natal depression? Zandra rejects the a flirting Lex once again, and Amber is starting to get frustrated with leadership.

Salene gets distressed when the rota is destroyed by graffiti, but was it meant for her? Bray thinks not and goes to see Lex. Bray and Lex argue and are pulled apart by Amber and Zandra. A leader is need and Lex is willing to fight for it. But Amber decides a vote between Lex and her for leader will be best after Bray backs out. The game of poker is using up Jack food store and Patsy goes to fetch more. Ryan follows and discovers the food store. Amber tell the others to vote for Lex. It's election night and Lex wins and to celebrate Ryan suggest raiding Jacks food store. The tribe decide Jack has two choices, to leave or to have a trial.

The trial commences but no one knows what the punishment will be if Jack is found guilty, but Ryan has ideas. Amber decides the tribe must make their own set of rules. With thanks to Lex bending people's arms Jack is found innocent. Lex writes up a new rota to replace Ambers old one and the girls are disgusted to find they are the ones doing all the work, while the guys spend their time training. Trudy gets worse and she becomes more jealous of Salene and they end up fighting about Bray. Salene ends up hurt. The girls meet about the new rota in the dead of night. They decide nothing will be done unless the boys share the work. But as the meeting ends a frightening sound is heard from the sewers.

Lex, Ryan, Jack and Dal go to investigate while Bray stays behind, which angers Lex. In the sewers Lex discovers Cloe trying to drag Bluebell away to save her. Cloe tries desperately to save bluebell, and convinces Lex to keep her for milk. Amber burst in on a moment between Trudy and Bray and speaks her mind, while the other girls put their strike into motion. The water tank is out of water. The girls want to go to the stream but the boys start argueing with them and nothing can be decided. Amber and Trudy talk about home truths, which leads to a special banquet. Trudy annouces that her baby's name is going to be Brady, a combination of Bray and Trudy.

Trudy sees Brady as a way to get closer to Bray's heart, and takes the baby back from Salene which upsets Salene. Amber talks to Salene to try and make her see sense. Dal and Jack work on the water tank, and get help from Ryan. Lex realises the calf won't produce milk and decides to make himself steak. But he doesn't have the heart to kill it and neither do the others, so he lets it go and tries to fool the tribe. Amber doesn't believe, and she suggests that the leadership is split, which Lex agrees to. Cloe wanders off to find bluebell. Cloe tries leading her out into safety but in the process she finds herself lost in the woods in a storm.

Night reaches the city and Cloe is still lost in the storm while Patsy and Paul start to worry. Trudy plans to be with Bray but it ends up going wrong when he sleeps in a chair, after Brady is asleep. Operation stupid kid is but into action when morning arrives when Lex, Bray and Ryan look for Cloe, but they disagree on where to search. Lex wants to search the city and Bray wants to search the woods. Lex wins and after the day is over there is still no Cloe and no second attempt on looking. Salene is not happy when she finds where Bray was sleeping. Zandra talks to Salene about men before Lex angers Zandra by giving Salene a back-rub. The water tank is fixed but Jack and Dal now need to work on water purification. After a successful day everyone has clean water over a meal. Locos start to search the woods for the loco leader, Zoot, and early the next day Cloe runs in two drunken locos.

Cloe runs to escape the locos but falls and sprains her ankle. In the nick of time a mysterious girl saves the day. Tai-san, the saviour, helps Cloe find her way back to the mall. Jack's increasing ego is starting to annoy Dal. The mission to the stream, to collect water, still needs to happen. Ryan, Bray, and Salene go on the mission. Once there, Salene confronts a speechless Bray. The water collection party return and Bray and Trudy get into an arguement. Cloe walk in mid-argument and introduces Tai-san and all but Lex are welcoming. Salene and Trudy patch things up before a party is held for the return of Cloe. During the party the tribe hold hands and decide on a name, The Mall Rats. The party ends with Bray and Salene wondering off to have a passionate embrace...only to be seen by Trudy.

Trudy slaps Salene before arguing with Bray. Bray leaves the mall and Trudy believes his gone for good. Tai-san and Amber discuss and set up a school for the younger mall rat members, but all doesn't go accourding to the plan. Zandra is ready to get passionate with Lex so she organizes a romantic meal for two. Lex gets the wrong impression and, after being shot down, trys to rape Zandra. Jack and Dal find Trudy is a state of distress. Amber and Salene find it is them who must take responsiblity and care for Brady. Ryan declares his love for Zandra, but is put out when Zandra decides she wants to marry Lex, after talking to Tai-San. Lex takes the proposal in shock, but after thinking says yes, and if Tai-san performs the ceremony it won't mean a thing will it? Bray wandering around the city is spotted by the locos and after a chase is caught. The Locos get ready to have fun, but Ebony has plans for him.

Ebony wants answers from her captive, but Bray doesn't talk. Bray is left alone to think only to find some saviour helps him escape. Bray makes a run for it only to be followed by Ebony. Zandra can't wait for her wedding, and Lex still thinks the marriage won't mean anything. Ryan, Patsy, Paul, and Cloe find they have a part in the ceremony. Trudy becomes more alienated from the group before Zandra asks for advice and ends up fighting with Salene. Tai-san comes to the rescue and offers advice to Zandra. Jack and Dal's alarm goes off, but they find Bray has arrived back in the mall, interrupting the marriage ceremony. Only to find he is not the only one back in the mall.

The tribe is in shock to find Ebony in the mall. Ebony doesn't hang around and runs upstairs into hiding. The alarm continues to blare into the city, which grabs the attention of the Locusts. Bray and Lex search for the captive, and after a brief struggle they capture the intruder. The alarm is switched off and the locos lose scent and drift away leaving Ebony in the hands of the mall rats. Trudy apologizes to Bray for her jealousy which came to soon when she sees Bray locks lips with Salene. Ebony is put into the cage and annoys her guards, when she demands to know what happened to Zoot. Ryan loses his cool so Lex takes over guard Duty. Ebony gets Lex to come into the cage with her. They kiss and then away Ebony goes.

Noises are heard in the mall and Amber goes to investigate to find Lex in the cage and Ebony gone. There is a quick search for Ebony but all realize she is gone for good. Zandra demands to know what happen between Ebony and Lex, but he is too busy preparing for Ebony and the Locos to attack. Trudy seeks Amber's advice about her jealousy. Amber gives the cold shoulder to Salene in return, until Salene tells Amber of her love for Bray. In preparation for the attack, Dal and Jack rig up an intercom system, which proves to be humiliating for Lex and Zandra. Bray sneaks off to find Ebony who has been expecting him.

Bray explains the death of Zoot to Ebony. They make a deal which keeps the mallrats safe. The tribe waits for the alarm to sound an attack, when it goes off its actions station until they find the alarm was Bray entering the mall. All mall rats are suspicious of their newfound safety. Zandra will not forgive Lex, and Lex begins to sulk. Tai-San sleeps with Lex for the good of the tribe and so Lex has found a new interest. Salene declares her love for Bray. Bray can't believe it and seeks Amber advice. Trudy has hit rock bottom and can see no way out of this depression until the dead of night when all mall rats are asleep she realizes what to she should do and decides on suicide.

Salene walks into Trudy's room, sees the pill bottle, picks up Brady, and leaves Trudy to die. Patsy is missing Paul and Cloe tries her best to cheer her up by taking her to visit chickens. Lex is desperate to spend another night with Tai-san but Tai-san doesn't want to. Bray finds Trudy in her room and with help from Amber and Dal try to revive her. The tribe want answers about Trudy's overdose, and Amber blames eco warrior Bray. And before anyone knows it, Bray is gone from the mall, again. Jack gets annoyed when Dal is more interested in Trudy than their new invention, a wind turbine. Dal feels that he is responsible for Trudy's overdose because he had the pills. When Bray returns, he has a confrontation with Dal over who Trudy needs to depend on.

Trudy is still depressed and attacks Amber for playing God. Trudy is mad because Amber decided Trudy should live while Trudy wanted to die. Trudy wants to lave the mall and refuses to talk to Bray. Dal has the answer to Trudy wishes and a plan between the two begins. Lex is still after Tai-san, but flowers for her ends up in wrong hands, Zandra. But Zandra is still puzzled by Lex's new attitude, and Ryan keeps quiet. Why isn't he still pruning over me? Tempers flare between Jack and Dal when Jack is eager to complete the wind turbine. Zandra has suspicions over Salene, and she confronts Salene about leaving Trudy to die. A stranger watches over the mall as two mall rats leave, Trudy and Dal.

The stranger enters the mall and sleeps. Lex wakes up in one of his bad moods, and takes out his frustrations on a punching bad and Ryan. Ryan is happy when he recieves a makeover from Zandra. Cloe discovers a screaming Brady with a note next to her explaining why Trudy has left without Brady. The mallrats are shocked at the news and soon discover Dal is also missing. The stranger, KC, wakes in the sewers and goes into the mall and starts taking things, before getting caught by Lex. Lex shows KC's antics to the other mallrats before and they decide to let him join the tribe. Salene organises a rota for Brady's care. Bray says thank you before Salene points out that she is doing all of this for Brady, not for him. As night draws in Trudy and Dal reach a tribe of Nomads, who welcome them with open arms. In the middle of the night, Tai-san appears in Lex's room much to his delight.

Ryan, unknowingly walks into his room and finds Lex and Tai-San together. Lex warns him not to spill the beans to Zandra. Trudy and Dal have breakfast with the nomads before hearing about a tribal gathering. Trudy is starting to have second thoughts because she misses Brady. Zandra decides to treat Ryan to a head massage in hopes of getting Lex jealous, but he acts strangely nice to Tai-san. Tai-san decides that her and Lex are over. KC tries to help Jack with the wind turbine but they end up falling out. In revenge KC takes Jack's Game-boy. Trudy leaves the Nomads to return to Brady and the mall and Dal tells them seeing an unusual reaction.

Lex tries to win Tai-san back with a pupil teacher relationship. Tai-san agrees but with one rule, pupils never sleep with the teacher. Tai-san spills the beans, about her and Lex, while eating to Zandra because she thought Zandra already knew. Zandra goes ballistic and throws one of her tantrums. Trudy returns to find not everyone is sympathetic, but Salene, out of guilt, hands over Brady. Trudy tells all about the gathering the nomads told her about, but is it to risky to go? KC begins to make friends within the tribe. Sasha, a happy go lucky person arrives at the nomad camp. Dal and Sasha soon make friends, and Dal tell of his worries, a way of life or Trudy? With some helpful advice from Sasha Dal makes up his mind. He is going to go back to the mall to be with Trudy, but Dal soon finds the Nomads won't let him or Sasha go anywhere.

Dal is shocked to realize he is now a prisoner of the Nomads. Sasha is just as shocked to find Dal, and tries a rescue attempt, but fails and finds himself prisoner as well. Amber tries to set up a discussion about the gathering but has little success, due to high emotions of the mallrats. Zandra is furious with Lex and, is now with Ryan due to him knowing about Lex's affair and not saying. Lex is lying low avoiding Zandra. And Ryan is now fed up with Lex; he shouldn't treat Zandra like this! Jack puzzles over the wind turbine, if only he had Dal's help things would be going more smoothly. Lex begs for forgiveness, and says he will dump Tai-San for good. Zandra sees to it that he really does dump her and then all is forgiven. Dal and Sasha refuse to eat, unknowing what the Nomads are holding them prisoners for. What if they are cannibals? Soon enough they find that the Nomads are slave traders.

Bray slips away from the mall, again, to visit Ebony, and find out about the Gathering. He reports back to mallrats. They decide they should go and also ponder wheither they should enter the dance competion being held. Lex is sent to find a wedding ring and unbeknownst to him he steals one of the most important parts of the wind turbine. Jack finds the wind turbine doesn't work, but puts on a brave front to the others. Salene sneaks off into the sewers with stolen food and feasts. Patsy sees what she is doing and wonders what she should do herself. Lex proposes to Zandra, and she decides to move in with him. Dal and Sasha try to escape the nomad camp but unfortunatly they are caught once again.

Zandra is starting to believe that her's and Lex's relationship is about trust and not just lust. All the mallrats, except Salene, Trudy, Patsy and Brady, set off to the gathering. Lex will not believe that the gathering is anything other than a trap. Dal and Sasha also arrive at the gathering in chains ready to be auctioned off the the highest bidder. A watchful KC sees Dal and alerts the mallrats. How are we going to rescue them? Amber and Bray attend the leaders' gathering with an offer of unlimited power, only to find they have been bluffing when Jack discovers copper wire gone from the alternator. Lex meets up with ex-friend Glenn, who is now a Loco. Glenn gets his revenge and Lex is left almost most died from the fight. Ebony purchase Dal and Sasha as Tai-san finds herself in the finals of the dance competion. Zandra finds Lex and the mallrats gather together. Lex tells everyone they will not leave alive.

Amber wants Dal back, but Ebony would rather keep him as a slave. Amber decides to give herself and Dal if they lose the dance competion. Tai-San is the true winner, but the judge is bullied into declaring the Locos leader, and Amber is taken. Jack is desperate to find the copper wire, and when he gives up hope, he notices it on Zandra's finger. Only to find by the time it's off her fingers it is too late. Lex decides to take matters into his own hands and starts a riot so they can escape. Ryan sees his chance to rescue Amber and Dal. Sasha joins the group because he is chained to Dal. The group heads back to the mall, all happy to still be alive. Back at the mall, Salene and Trudy have a heart to heart and Salen confesses that she left Trudy to die.

The tribe wake to the sound of Sasha. As all file into the cafe they decide to have a celebration because everyone is safe and back together, but where has all the chocolate gone? Lex suggests Sasha should join the tribe. All agree except a jealous Bray. Lex and Zandra finally set a date for their wedding, but Lex waits for the wrong time to ask Ryan for a favour. Ryan is still mad about the worthless money. Dal and Jack, together again, work to fix the wind turbine and get unlimited power. Trudy doesn't blame Salene, but she must tell the others about her binging. Salene persuades Trudy not to tell anyone if she doesn't steal food again. But the deal is short lived when Salene goes to the sewers to binge

Bray goes out to get some more food and is bitten and is not pleased when he gets back to the mall to see Sasha. Amber finds that more food is missing from the food store. Sasha used the fresh fruit and vegetables to tell the story of how the mallrats were formed. Amber is relieved but where are the canned food? Jack and Dal continue work on the turbine now realising that it could be their only hope. Lex patches things up with Ryan and also lets him write the wedding vows. Zandra wants Amber to perform the wedding. It takes time and a word from Sasha to persuade Amber to say yes. Salene begs Trudy for another chance before discovering the food store is locked. Salene is caught red handed binging in the food store.

Salene is forgiven at the food store, but at the mall Trudy decides to help whether Salene wants it or not. Dal, KC and Jack finally finish the wind turbine and start to charge batteries. Zandra would like a wedding feast and Sasha has an idea for her to get her feast. Bray, Jack, Dal and Lex head out to trade batteries for food, and they discover Alice, the farm leader, also does cider. The boys return and decide to hide the cider. Zandra shows her second design wedding out fit, and her grandmother necklace catches Salene's eye. Amber is torn between her love for Sasha, what if he leaves. But to hell with the future.

Jack and Dal decide to give the marriage ceremony a little extra, and try to fix the water fountain, but will it work? Zandra has a feeling that something is going to go wrong, and with the boys drinking back the cider it is certain something would go wrong. A drunken Jack, Dal and KC decide to have a race and KC ends up skating into Jack. The next morning Jack wakes to find a broken leg while the other males wake to hangovers Salene tries to swap Zandra necklace for food unsuccessfully, and returns the necklace just in time for the wedding goes on. Lex and Zandra exchange vows and rings in front of the tribe, leaving them happy all except for a hurt Ryan.

The next day the wedding celebrations are over and the mall is a mess. Lex and Zandra are on honeymoon, and they try to get missing Ryan to cook them breakfast. Amber and Sasha head out on a romantic picnic, but the picnic turns more into a holiday as they decide to spend the night on the beach. Salene leaves the mall to beg for food from Roanne, after trying to convince Trudy that her binging days are over. But Roanne turns Salene down before seeing an opportunity. Cloe, in the mall, feels the tribe is falling apart as so many people are gone, but Bray offers no sympathy and leaves Cloe thinking the worst.

Amber and Sasha awake in each others arms nested together on their private beach. They are in no hurry to get back and they decide to stay another day. Sasha shocks Amber by asking her to go away with him when he leaves the mall. Trudy tries to clean up the mess herself, as no one else is any help. Soon after the mall is clean Lex decides to cook Zandra a meal and the café returns to a mess. Salene took refuge in Roanne's food store, and wakes to a breakfast, which she later throws up. During the day Salene realises where her home is, but Roanne delivers a new home truth. She must stay and pay off her debt. Salene is stressed to find what she must do as Ryan enters.

Amber decides to leave the mallrats but first her and Sasha must return and say goodbye. Salene tells Ryan the trouble they are in. Ryan acts quickly, to let Salene and himself escape the clutches of Dirk, Roanne and their followers. When Salene and Ryan find a railray car to hide in, she confesses everything to Ryan, who is understanding and gives Salene the courage to return to the mall. Lex and Zandra eat Henrietta, one of the chickens, which upsets Patsy and Cloe. As Salene and Ryan re-enter the mall, they find Amber saying good-bye to all the mallrats. Salene confesses all to an understanding group of mallrats. Amber and Sasha leave the mall but as they reach the crossroads, Amber can't go on after seeing how much help the mallrats still need. Sasha still leaves and Amber is heartbroken. Bray secretly watching over.

Amber prepares a new roster while remembering her feelings for Sasha, while the other mallrats prepare for Patsy's birthday. Patsy is surprised to find a day dedicated to her, with no work and all fun. But Amber bursts in with the new roster. Lex and KC think it's time for a stable person to take position as leader, but the other realise that Amber is hurting and needs time. Zandra is getting jealous of Salene and Ryan's friendship. He is no longer spending every waking moment thinking about her. The birthday party is going well until Patsy realises that each year she gets older, she gets closer to dying of the virus. The day seems to be going downhill. Salene is pleased with herself for controlling her disease until she binges once again. Amber blows her top as Lex and Bray argue. Jack keeps an eye on the new surveillance cameras, to see an adult cross the path.

Jack wastes no time in waking the tribe in the dead of night to show them the adult, but the tribe doesn't believe him, all except for Father Christmas believing Patsy. The next day she head out with Bob to find the adult. Bray suggests they put some effort into cleaning and decorating the mall, which soon turns into a paint fight. During the fight KC, under orders of Lex, plants water into Brays room. Cloe finds the water in Bray's room while she is cleaning and tells the others. Amber is forced to act to save Bray, a trial will be held. Jack appeals to Ryan to help Bray, but Zandra uses her appeal to shut him up again. After looking for a while Patsy find the adult that was caught on the camera.

Patsy asks the adult to come back with her to the mall to look after everyone. He willingly agrees. Lex's plan to get Bray out of the tribe for stealing is going too smoothly, and Lex takes away all of Jack's confidence with a quick threat, but Bray doesn't want to stay around. Trudy notices Salene's depression and is worried about another attack. The trial begins without Salene, Ryan and Patsy. Ryan saves Salene from returning to Roanne's warehouse. A walk in the country and finding a piglet helps Salene's recovery. Jack who is about to speak up is surprised when KC confesses to stealing the water and planting it in Bray's room. What will they do with him? But as the tribe turn on KC, Patsy returns with the adult, but it's Glenn, a teenager.

The tribe realise that the greatest fear has mutated, and they must find a solution because the virus has just entered the mall. Patsy runs off upset with guilt. She didn't mean to bring the virus. She goes to visit Glenn before she finds Bray with bad news, Patsy and Lex will be isolated from the tribe. Salene and Ryan decide to keep the piglet, Porky, secret from the tribe. But KC has other ideas until he runs into Ryan. Dal and the rest of the tribe need Jack's help, they need him to be useful and to stop pretending adults are out there. Amber and Bray discuss options, they need information and it is agreed that the tribe will head out and find information. Cloe's friendship with Patsy shows unity to the tribe and they all come together as one group, out of isolation they reunite as one tribe. Even Lex and Bray hold hands as the group unities.

Amber, Bray and KC set off to Ministry of Health. On the way they run into some Locos, but are saved when KC scares them away by telling them the three have the virus. Zandra takes care of Glenn while Ryan takes care of Brady. Lex and Dal set of to the newspaper offices where Dal finds out Lex's secret, he can't read. Lex pulls one of his famous moves and threatens Dal if he doesn't keep quiet. Zandra goes to visit Glenn to find him dead of the virus. Amber, Bray, KC, Dal and Lex return to hear the news and discover Hope Island could be there only hope.

The tribe say goodbye to Glenn in a ceromony put on by Tai-San. Lex decides to decontaminate the mall, with air freshener, which annoys Trudy, as Brady could be hurt. The tribe decide to follow up its only lead, so Amber, Bray, Dal, Lex and bob leave for Hope Island. Jack and Tai-san talk about their beliefs in science before Tai-san starts to sneeze, could she have the virus? Ryan and Salene discuss secrets, which lead to Salene having words with Zandra. But Zandra turns to be more concerned with her grey hair. The Hope Island party find themselves stuck in the middle of the minefield, before they enter Hope Island. Dal cracks the computer to find that they are trapped.

Air is being drained from the compound at Hope Island and they are trapped. While Dal continues to download important computer files, Lex and Bray work together. With the final few seconds Lex short-circuits the wires rescuing the group who high tail it out of there. KC has bad luck at a gambling den. He returns to the mall and decides to take porky for a walk. Cloe insists on coming alone, only to find herself in the gambling den realising KC is gambling Porky's life. Tai-san's illness gets worse, as Ryan panics over the thought of the virus in the mall. To keep himself ocuppied he decides to make a feast. The Hope Island party return to the mall, to find an ill Tai-san unwilling to take the antidote, which they got at Hope Island. As night approaches, Bray and Amber have a heart to heart which ends in kisses.

As Tai-san returns to full health, Lex starts looking old. Has he got the virus? Jack works night and day on cracking the Hope Island files with no luck. At the gambling den KC has lost everything. He starts a riot to save Cloe and Porky, but ends up putting himself in danger, as he is taken prisoner by Top Hat and his goons. Lex is willing to try anything to get better, except the antidote. But after a visit to Tai-san he takes the first steps to recovery, Tai-san's way. He tells the truth to the whole tribe. Zandra is devastated because he reveals he only married her for one thing. Lex puts himself on trial for stealing water. The punishment exile. Lex leaves the mall as the other tribe members watch in shock.

Lex sets off to find out where KC has gone and rescue him, but he is getting worse by the minute. The tribe realise they could be in for an attack, as Cloe reveals where the gambling den is, on Tribe circus territory. A council of war is set up, and plans to protect the mall are made. Amber and Bray share the news of their romance with everyone, before exchanging keys to their hearts. Everyone seems to be happy for them but Trudy. Ryan comforts Zandra before finding she has some news, she thinks she is pregnant. Lex's mission fails as he get beaten up outside the Tribe Circus gambling Den. KC is inside and cannot keep quiet forever from leader Top-hat. As Lex wakes, he see KC leading Tribe Circus to the mall. Lex only has one choice, he must seek Ebony's help to save the Mallrats.

Lex is taken prisoner by the Locos, Ebony will not help, she doesn't like beggers. As the alarm sounds in the mall the tribe realise Tribe circus has arrived. Amber gives last minute encouragement and courage to the tribe. The battle begins but the mallrats find their plans are failing. Tai-san gets caught in her own net and Zandra tries to get revenge by uncoiling the rope. She is caught just in time. In the closing seconds of the battle Jack hides the Hope Island disks and Antidote, before it is announced the mallrats have lost. The tribe is forced to work, until Top hat has ideas for Zandra. KC comes to the rescue before the tribe find themselves caged once more, with Top hat and Tribe Circus leaving with the mall ablaze.

Lex is aging fast and finds this is an advantage to getting a deal with Ebony to save the mallrats. The mallrats give up hope as the mall continues to burn, before Lex and the Locos come to their rescue. Trudy is worried about what the loco leader might take, Brady. Ebony demands the antidote, and the mallrats will suffer until she gets it. Jack has no choice but to give it up. Bray can't cope to see their last hope go so he leads a surprise attack on the Locos in which Amber needs to decide between hope and her true love. Ebony leaves with Lex, Bray and the antidote. The tribe go into despair, two of them are missing and Tribe Circus has left nothing to eat.

Amber blames KC for Bray being taken away. KC panics, what if he is forced to leave? Dal reassures him that law abiding Amber wouldn't do that. Jack gives the tribe one last hope; Ebony may have the antidote samples but not the Hope Island disks. Jack starts to work on cracking the code. Ebony wants Bray, but she has a fight to win his love. Lex is kept guinea pig and is locked in Loco HQ, as he gets worse with the virus. Amber leaves in search of Bray and finds the new Loco HQ. Zandra decides it's time changes and creates herself a new style, she doesn't want her child to think she dumb. She sends Ryan off to sell her things, but no one wants them. Lex, looking like an old man, scares the loco guards. Lex is out to get revenge, but ends up out on the streets after he pours the rest of the antidote into the pool in front of Ebony.

Ebony tries to convince Bray of her love, but when he finds out about Lex's treatment, he is not to pleased with her. Amber back from Loco HQ hatches plans to save Bray, but they are too risky until Ryan and Dal find a toy helicopter, and a camera. Salene gets worried about the virus and Tai-san offers some well need reassurance. A noise from the sewers lets the mallrats know Lex has returned to them very old and wrinkly. After a bit of persuasion, Zandra goes to take care of Lex and tells him about the baby. Ryan and Dal gets some footage of the Locos at play, which devastates Amber, and leaves Trudy telling home truths, while Jack crack the Hope Island disk code.

Jack tells Dal of his break through. After a night spent studying maps they find that the code is cooridanates to a place called Eagle Mountain. The tribe are awoken and are not to keen to go on a trek for the antidote. Ebony talks to Bray, and still gets nowhere with her love. Ryan apologises to Salene before they head out with KC to find food. When the mission is endangered, Salene saves the day with her charm. The young Lex is back, and all are now aware that the antidote works, but the other samples are gone. Tai-san reveals a vision she had; a mountain and a beautiful eagle. Could this be an indication of Eagle Mountain?

KC tells of how he rescued Zandra from Top Hat during the battle. Lex wants revenge! The tribe collect the essentials and leave the mall and start the trek to Eagle Mountain, all except for Trudy who leaves a message for Bray before rejoining the tribe. Bray notices the Locos are having leadership problems. Lex and Ryan scout ahead on the way out of the city. While gone the tribe runs into trouble as a group of crazies start to appear from the hiding. The tribe begin to panic as they hear Top hats motorcycle, could Tribe Circus be coming? Ebony wakes to find Spike wants to take over, after a quick battle Ebony and Bray escape the clutches of the rebellious Locos. As Top Hat's cycle stops in front of the tribe they find that Lex and Ryan are the motorcycle saviours. The tribe reaches the edge of the city and encounter yet another struggle, a rural tribe won't let virus carriers pass into the countryside.

Lex stands his ground and the rural tribe approach; the mallrats have no chance of winning until they find their saviours, Ebony, Bray and a bus. Everyone climbs aboard and they drive through the rode block. Bray realises Amber thinks the worst and nothing helps the situation, even Ebony talking. The bus come to a halt, as Jack realises the map has gone. He confides in Tai-san, and they will now work together to find a way. Lex retells the story of his revenge to Top Hat. All seem impressed. Jack and Tai-san realise they are lost on this trek, but just as they are about to confess, Tai-san spots the all important observatory. Inside, most of the tribe decide to go their separate ways, as Lex talks some sense into Amber and Bray and they kiss and make up. But the observatory searches the sky and they find they are humanities last hope of survival.